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Luxury Green Glow Massage & Body Serum

This rich and luxurious botanical blend is infused with refreshing and penetrating Japanese peppermint, aromatic and highly beneficial plant-based essences and a generous amount of premium-sourced, full spectrum CBD oil for your ultimate instant escape into calm, soothing and uplifting vibes.

This unique formula also acts as a spot treatment for direct relief and ease of tension for the whole body and a triple threat when used as a botanically based perfume or cologne oil.


Luxury Blue Glow Massage & Body Serum

This divinely inspired formula includes jojoba, jasmine and lavender that calms, soothes and protects while leaving the skin feeling light, glowy and luxuriously smooth. The naturally occurring blue tansy flower creates the rich blue color effect while providing anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant effects while the jasmine, lavender and citrus make up the light and bright unisex aroma profile.

This nourishing, CBD-infused formula easily doubles as a perfume and cologne oil with hydrating, botanically-based benefits.


Luxury Beautifying Serum

Light, soothing and layerable, this formula is an all-inclusive facial serum that calms, soothes, protects and balances a wide variety of skin types while providing rich, botanically-based nourishment.

This formula is highly versatile, naturally anti-aging, skin-balancing and contains high-potency, premium CBD.


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