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We are Farmulated CBD. Our family's long history as crop farmers inspires us to maintain the highest standards as we deliver farm-to-family CBD products to the local community and beyond. What makes us different? At Farmulated, our hemp is carefully grown using sustainable farming practices, processed at one location, and third-party tested for quality.

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Make a Dog’s Day: CBD for Energetic Dog Breeds

What’s in a breed? For humans like my pawrents, companionship is the number one priority. I am their very best friend, after all. For others, common traits of working breeds—intelligence, athleticism and high energy levels—are admirable. Regardless of your four legged friend's specific genetics, many good boys and girls often require a little extra help remaining calm. Here's what to do.

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Talking O2 with Gina: How Antioxidants and CBD Fight Oxidative Stress

We're back with Pharmacist and Natural Wellness Expert Gina Ruffa, and this week, we're discussing the impact of oxidative stress. What is it, and how do antioxidants and supplements like CBD help curb its havoc-wreaking properties on the human body? Gina fills us in!

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